I am

Sultana Juma

I am passionate about many things. However, this space is about combining my other serious passions! Writing and writing for women’s issues. I have been working in the cosmetics, dermatology, fitness and makeup artistry sector for a while and I want to share my knowledge and research here. 

What Sultana's Dream is About?

Sultana's Dream is more than just a blog. It's a movement.
A movement of women who are committed to improving their health and beauty in natural and sustainable ways.
Here, you'll find articles on women's wellness, skincare, hair care, makeup hacks, hygiene, weight issues, diets, myth busting, and more.
Learn, share, and grow with us.

Skin & Hair Care

Nutrition & Diet

Addressing Hygiene

Beautification & Makeup Tips

Wellness & Myth Busting

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